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PVC Windows

Is a combination of excellent thermal and acoustic insulation parameters resulting from the construction of a PVC system with the elegance and resistance to external factors of aluminum.

Thermal Insulation

Durability 50 years




KBE 70 - a modern profile system that meets high requirements for thermal insulation. Thanks to 5 cameras and a width of 70 mm, windows from the KBE 70 profile are almost 20% warmer than windows from conventional narrow systems. 

And the possibility of installing a wider double-glazed window will allow you not only to keep warm and cozy at home, but also to save money on heating by giving up additional heaters. 

- The most optimal depth of construction. 

- Maximum amount of light in spaces, thanks to the use of narrow profiles.  

- Increased statics - unlimited possibility of constructing high balcony doors and large windows.  

- Special profile construction-double thermal protection. 

- Elimination of thermal bridges inside profiles. 

- The possibility of embedding exceptionally warm glass sets.  

- Universal, timeless window design perfectly suited to modern buildings and renovations.  

- Heat transfer coefficient Uf up to 1.2 W / (m2K).  

- 5-chamber technology.  

- Triple glass package up to 44 mm.  

- Modern window design with a wide range of colors; the ability to choose wood-like and uniform colors.  

- Lead - free zinc-calcium stabilizers greenline. 

KBE 76 AD is a choice without compromise!  

Modern and best-in-class PVC window and door system. The highest quality, measurable savings on energy costs, optimal noise protection, some protection against burglary and a variety of possibilities for shaping the external surface testify to the advantages of the system.  

Choosing windows in the KBE 76 AD system, you make the right decision, increasing your quality of life! 

Windows KBE 76 AD are characterized by all the parameters of a modern window of the future.  

From the point of view of The Shape of the geometry through functionality, statics and thermal and acoustic insulation coefficients, to environmental protection, the system meets not only the current requirements, but above all the requirements of the future.  

The innovative design of the KBE 76 AD system allows the installation of modern 3-pane packages up to 48 mm thick and a variety of functional glazing. Thanks to intelligent mounting techniques, professional installation is carried out quickly, efficiently and without much effort. Replacing old windows with new ones-modern windows in the KBE 76 AD system is therefore a pure pleasure. 


KBE 76 MD/Alu-Clip - Your window for the future!  

- High energy savings - new 76 mm system with adhesive seal with the highest thermal insulation parameters-coefficient value. 

- Improved quality of life with perfect sound insulation up to 47 dB. 

- Greater security - the possibility of using integrated anti-intrusion systems (shielding systems); anti-intrusion class RC2. 

- Weldable PCE gaskets or EPDM gaskets in light grey or black. 

- Simple and professional installation thanks to a wide range of additional profiles. 

- It is possible to use a glass package of 16-50 mm. 

- All plastic profiles are made of a material with lead-free stabilizers based on calcium and zinc. 

- High operating comfort and exceptional functionality thanks to modern technology. 

- Possibility to use AluClip or AluClip Pro aluminum overlays. 

- Long life of the window. 

- Modern design. 

KBE 76 MD windows system with clip-on aluminium cladding combines the advantages of both materials in the one structural element.   

On the outside, the aluminium cladding offers almost limitless possibilities in colour design, whilst on the inside PVC profiles ensure low maintenance, high dimensional stability, and reliable functionality. 

KBE 88 is a next-generation window system that surpasses standards in thermal insulation and sets new design trends. Innovative technology breaks down barriers-ensuring complete individuality, excellent quality and safety. 

The possibility of application to passive houses using a three-speed package with a width of 48 mm and a thermal insulation coefficient Uw=0.72 W/(m2K), a large spectrum of glazing, high comfort of use, easy care, barrier-free, thermally divided threshold-a system that is ahead of the standards. 




Top-hinged Roof Windows


  • Enjoy panoramic views - while increasing your energy efficiency and natural ventilation.

  • Greatly increase the amount of natural light in your rooms.

  • Convenient bottom operation - the perfect choice for loft conversions with windows in easy reach.

  • Suitable for 15° to 55° roof pitch

A top hinged roof window is easy to operate even with furniture placed directly under it. And without compromising the easy operation, you can install it lower to get an excellent view both when standing and when seated.


Center-pivot Roof Windows


  • GGU roof windows are only available for special order.

  • Convenient - even with furniture placed beneath the roof window.

  • Easy to open and quick to close with the top control bar.

  • Low installation allows for more flexibility and better views.

Ideal for rooms with a high humidity like kitchens and bathrooms but they will fit in nicely in any room because of their modern and contemporary look.

Comes with a top control bar which allows you to pull it once for background ventilation and twice to open the window and can rotate 180 degrees.


Roof - Access Roof Windows


  • Easy roof access for repairs, maintenance, emergency and egress.

  • Locking device keeps sash in open position.

  • Slim sash and frame appearance.

  • Ventilation flap.

  • Can be installed as a left hinged or right hinged roof access window.

We recommend this roof window if you have to place your roof window in a high position, such as a high knee wall.


Roof Balcony


  • Balcony in seconds

  • Terrace - a door to the outside

  • Top half opens like a traditional roof window

Add extra daylight, fresh air and direct access to the outdoors with these innovative windows. If you'd like to add a balcony to your home or choose a roof terrace window to make use of unused roof space the VELUX Roof Balcony is right for you.

Top Hinged Roof Windows

More natural light and fresh air

Put fresh air at your fingertips with a top hinged VELUX roof window. A top hinged roof window is easy to operate - even with furniture beneath. The innovative top control bar allows you to install the window lower than an equivalent bottom-operated window to get an excellent view while standing and when seated. 

We recommend top hinged windows if you have to, or wish to, place your window in a low position, for instance: in rooms with a low ceiling or where you’d like a better view of the surroundings below.

Center-Pivot Roof Window

Center-pivot roof windows

Put fresh air at your fingertips with a center-pivot VELUX roof window. A center-pivot roof window is easy to operate - even with furniture beneath. The innovative top control bar allows you to install the window lower than an equivalent top-hung operated roof window to get an excellent view while standing and when seated.

We recommend center-pivot windows if you have to, or wish to, place your window in a low position, for instance: in rooms with a low ceiling or where you’d like a better view of the surroundings below.

Roof Access Windows

See your home in a whole new light

Let fresh air into your home without having to worry about security or bad weather, even when you are away or sleeping. Pull the unique top control bar once and you will allow fresh, filtered air to enter through the ventilation flap.

  • Easy access to outdoors

  • Suitable for 15° to 85° roof pitch

  • FK06 model swings open 90° angle to satisfy egress requirements for emergency escape


VELUX Roof Balcony

Open your world

The VELUX Roof Balcony opens in seconds to give your space its place in the sun. This innovative roof window and balcony combination adds air, light, and a great view to your home. Sitting flush with the roof when closed, the Balcony Roof Window is as stylish as it is innovative.

  • Enjoy a balcony instantly - VELUX Roof Balcony goes from roof window to balcony in seconds  

  • Roof window or balcony? You decide: the top half opens like a traditional roof window

  • Required roof pitch of 35°- 53°

  • Bring the outside in with more natural daylight and fresh air

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