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Aluminium Doors:

Premium quality aluminum entrance doors

Standard complete set


Aluminum doors are based on German profile Schüco AD UP 75. Thanks to German meticulousness and attention to detail, this profile has a number of advantages:

1. Two thermal breaks inside the aluminum profile - avoiding Bi-metallic effect , as well as achieving high thermal characteristics that meet European standards.


2. Three loops seals around the entire door - provide complete protection against blowing and drafts.

3. The service life of aluminum doors from Schüco profile is higher 30 years .


A wide range of fittings will help develop your design idea and complement the door leaf with an elegant element. We will currently introduce 3 types of handles: vertical , push and inset . Each has its own shape, color and ergonomics. Thanks to the variety, you will be able to highlight the merits and & nbsp; individuality of each model.


In addition to the appearance, special attention should be paid to the reliability of the mechanism and the protection of your home.

The German multi-point lock KFV perfectly copes with this task. It has five locking points along the entire length of the sash and has a burglar resistance class up toRC3.

It is also worth noting that locks withstand more than 100 thousand cycles without maintenance. If you open the door 10 times a day, the resource of the KFV lock will be enough at least for 27 years .


The case when reliability is closely intertwined with the refined appearance of roller hinges. The body is made of extruded aluminum and anodized aluminum hinge bar.

This opens up the possibility of painting the hinges to match the door leaf, and will also provide you with stable operation for many years.