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Entrance Hybrid System Doors

Doors are the hallmark of our home. They set the stage for what is inside. They are the ambassador and the guardian of the hearth. Before entering a house, one must first cross and be greeted by the door.

We asked our customers what the ideal house door should be like. First of all, the door should look beautiful and be of high quality. That part is obvious. As far as technical parameters are concerned, thermal insulation plays a key role. Compare our products in terms of thermal insulation. Choose the optimal solution for you.

What is a Hybrid Doors?

The idea behind hybrid doors is to intelligently combine different materials to achieve optimum performance. This means making use of their advantages while at the same time eliminating the disadvantages. There are many types of exterior doors on the market. The most popular are wooden, aluminium, steel or plastic doors. All these materials have advantages, but also disadvantages, which translate into the properties of the door and its price.

What is Simple-Elegance Technology?

We would like to present to you an innovative technology - SIMPLE-ELEGANCE eliminates the disadvantages of traditional technology and at the same time creates completely new design possibilities with the use of glass and other decorative elements.

In the traditional technology of door production, the first step is to produce a full leaf. Next, an opening is cut out for the sealed unit. The space between the sealed unit and the leaf insert is always a weak area. It is a thermal bridge, a potential place of leakage, it weakens the rigidity and lowers resistance to burglary.


In SIMPLE-ELEGANCE technology, first the glazing is installed and then the PUR foam is injected into the leaf. Foam bonds perfectly with the glazing and fills the entire space. This solution offers many advantages: excellent thermal insulation is maintained over the entire surface and the PUR foam perfectly seals and stiffens the leaf.


With SIMPLE-ELEGANCE technology, it is possible to use entire sealed units to obtain doors with translucent glazing. You can also use an application with single or double glazing. Then the entire space between applications is filled with PUR foam and the glazing is opaque. This technology enabled us to create the SIMPLE ELEGANCE collection, which is very popular among customers.

In the Simple Elegance collection, the glass is slightly recessed in relation to the surface of the leaf and the connection is finished with a subtle, barely visible seal. This gives the possibility to create completely new designs -simple, elegant and modern.

House Doors - Thermal Standards


According to European standards, the coefficient of doors installed in houses may not exceed Ud=1.5 W/m2K.

House Doors - Design

Apartment Doors - Safety Standards



In everyday language the term „burglar-proof door" is used. In practice, a burglar-proof door do not exist, because any door can be forced open. The question is what tools need to be used for the task, how long it will take and how much noise it will generate. Burglary resistance classes are specified in the European standard PN-EN 1627:2012. Acting in accordance with this standard, a highly qualified technician will attempt to force through various types of doors using a specific set of tools. If a door withstands an attempt with a given tool set longer than the time specified in the standard, then it can be marked with the given RC resistance class. The assumptions of the standard are specified in the table below.


Lift and Slide Door Systems:

Whether sliding windows, sliding doors, or lift/sliding doors. KBE offers a wide range of sliding systems with various construction depths.
System-PD-76-Standard_weiss_web (1).jpg
  • PremiDoor 76 – Innovative lift/sliding door system with 76 mm construction depth.

  • Fully accessible thresholds realised in conformance with standards.

  • Maximum element size of 6.50 m width × 2.60 m height for White elements.

  • Average heat transfer coefficient Uf value = 1.4 W/(m²K).

  • Unique sealing system with high-volume central seal in the centre fastener.

  • Extremely slender play of lines with a sash width of only 100 mm.

  • Ease of handling when opening and closing.

  • Design options in classic PVC white and in wood grain, plain and metallic colour laminates.

  • All PVC-U profiles are produced with lead free stabilisers based on calcium and zinc.

Tilt and Slide Roto Patio Alversa Doors

Roto Patio Alversa meets individual customer requirements as a result of its modular design. Just one system provides four different solutions, as Roto Patio Alversa can be designed as a Tilt&Slide system. Night or tilt ventilation can be selected depending on the version.
pikto_alversa_ks (1).png

Roto Patio Alversa sliding systems are a fundamentally new format for the design of the entrance to the house, veranda or loggia, with many opportunities for a comfortable life. 

Advantages of Alversa Patio: 

- 50% more glazing area, which means panoramas outside the window, 50% more natural light and comfort 
- Ergonomics and convenience of sliding opening 
- You can place interior items nearby, saving space 
- Anti-burglary up to 2 safety class, reliability and durability from the market leader Roto Frank.  The service life is at least 10 years or 15,000 opening cycles/closures 
- Manual or semi-automatic control 
- Wide price range

PVC Entrance Doors:

Entrance doors are designed to make the first impression of the house. 

KBE 76 Residential Door Standard


KBE 76 then lets you build the matching residential, balcony, terrace, and parallel sliding/tilting doors as well. And all these with outstanding thermal and sound insulation values as well as highly effective resistance to weather and driving rain.

KBE 76 lets you design doors just as you wish. You can choose from modern functional glazing in a great many surface patterns and colours, panes with LED effect lighting, or motif glazing, or from the extensive panel range from renowned manufacturers. Also the level of protection against forced entry and the resistance class can be defined separately for each residential door.

  • Residential, balcony, terrace, and parallel sliding-tilting doors

  • UD value up to 1.0 W/(m²K)

  • Installation depth 76 mm

  • Glazing tickness 50 mm

  • Available with proCoverTec and proEnergyTec

  • Also available with AluClip aluminium covers

  • Perfect protection against wind and rain

  • High thermal insulation thanks to threshold with thermal break

  • Max sash sizes:

  • Residential door, single sash, 1200 x 2400 mm

  • Residential door, floating mullion sash, 1000 x 2400 mm

  • High level of protection against forced entry – up to resistance class RC 2

  • High tightness thanks to double seals on the threshold

  • Use of special functional glazing or commercially available residential door panelling

  • Fully recyclable

  • Greenline