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For a long time, interior doors have ceased to be used as a functional design that allows you to create a kind of barrier between two adjacent rooms. Recently, they are increasingly acting as one of the main components of the interior.

Interior doors come in different styles and configurations and can be made of various materials. The type of doors you choose for your home can significantly affect safety, noise control and the overall visual impression of the design.



The frames of veneered doors are made of glued solid pine – a high-quality, durable, durable material. Due to the use of modern material (natural oak veneer) in the lining of the canvas, the products feature high performance characteristics (strength, durability, resistance to mechanical damage) and an economical price.

Wooden Interior Doors OPTIMA:

Available Colors: Old wood, Carpathian spruce, White Larch, Cream Larch, Gray oak, Smoky oak, Dark walnut, Golden walnut, Vela walnut, White ash Available glazing: light/dark frosted glass, triplex white/black, frosted tempered glass.

Interior ENAMEL Doors on MDF:

  • The cost starts from $ 350.
  • Set: Canvas, box, platband.
  • Description: Shield construction. The thickness of the canvas is 40 mm.
  • Features: 4-layer high-quality Spanish Enamel (Barpimo).
  • Material: Pine timber, MDF and HDF.
  • ​Finish: Enamel (Spain), Without texture, No discoloration. Resistance to stains, scratches, abrasion.

Invisible Interior Doors:

Invisible doors are a universal tool that will create a unique and individual interior in your home. This is due to the fact that they are able to integrate into the wall and become one with it. The main purpose of such doors is the embodiment of the most daring author's ideas in the interior.

LOFT Interior Doors:

Loft steel door, produced according to custom dimensions (for indoor use), is a perfect solution as a transitional door for single- or multifamily buildings or public buildings. Their non-standard and minimalistic design perfectly fit both modern and more classic interiors.
The finish with attention to every detail makes the door look extremely aesthetic. Their timeless and universal character and many designs make them suitable for almost any surroundings.
Thanks to the exceptionally durable and stable structure of the door’s frame and wings made of steel, one chamber with welded and ball-bearing hinges, door will serve you for many years. High quality materials guarantee excellent resistance to any kind of damage.